What are your jewelry products made of?

We are operating in the realm of “Demi Fine” Jewelry, where we seek out quality base metals like 925 Sterling Silver, with plating of either Gold or Rhodium. We also use goldfill components as well. This type of jewelry is our way of giving women like you quality, long lasting, durable items at affordable prices! No matter what the piece of jewelry is, we will always give you the composition in the description box for your knowledge!

How do I care for my jewelry?

For the best possible upkeep of your beautiful jewelry, we suggest removing it before washing hands, bathing, swimming, exercising and before applying any kind of personal body products (soaps, makeup, lotions, hair products, cleaning products, etc)

A general Silver cleaner can be used on Pure Sterling Silver products but not on any plated products.

To clean your plated products, we suggest using a soft toothbrush, mild soap and warm water.

Any products with corded components can be cleaned with mild soap in warm water.

While our jewelry is superior to typical fashion jewelry in that we use better base metals and thicker plating, it can , in time, tarnish and will do so quicker with improper use.

What is your Return Policy?

We stand by our products and want our customers to be happy!  Please See our FULL RETURN POLICY at the footer menu for complete details!

 To begin return process, email us at:  returns@stephaniemarcella.com

Can I cancel my order?
Typically we get to work on an order right away, so we are unable to cancel. Please contact us at: info@stephaniemarcella.com

For any general questions we may have missed, simply reach out, we are happy to help! info@stephaniemarcella.com